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Apparatus and method for estimating and using a predicted vehicle speed in an indirect vision driving task

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A method and apparatus for predicting vehicle speed during an indirect vision driving task. A further method and apparatus for optimizing the display of a camera return during an indirect vision driving task based on operator perceived vehicle speed as set by the display characteristics and the field-of-view of the camera. A further method and apparatus for using the perceived speed as a driving task aid, in particular, as an electronic aider for optimizing the driving scene display characteristics of scene compression and camera field-of view. In this manner, the invention adjusts the perceived speed in order to match the operator's cognitive flow to the control dynamics needed from the operator for the task. The invention has application to autonomous driving where manual intervention is incorporated during critical events for particular tasks; and with limited display space within the vehicle, the display format is adjusted by the invention according to the operator's task needs.

Smyth, Christopher C.
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Handling and Transportation
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743 days
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