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Reactive conductors for increased efficiency of exploding foil initiators and other detonators

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Provided among other things are reactive energetic material systems used for conductors in detonators for increased efficiencies. According to an embodiment, a detonator may include: a conductor including at least two constituents including (i) an electrically conductive constituent, and (ii) an electrically non-conductive constituent, that when subjected to sufficient electrical energy, result in an exothermic reaction; and a flyer plate having a non-conductive surface in contact with said conductor. When the sufficient electrical energy is supplied to said conductor, rapid heating and vaporization of at least a portion of the conductor occurs so as to explosively drive at least a portion of the flyer plate away from said conductor. In an embodiment, a multilayer conductor may be formed of alternating layers of at least one electrically conductive layer, and at least one electrically non-conductive layer, that when subjected to sufficient electrical energy, result in an exothermic reaction.

Morris, Christopher J.; Wilkins, Paul; May, Chadd; Zakar, Eugene
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Machines and Processing
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889 days
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