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Non-lethal obscuration grenade

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An incendiary device such as a grenade includes a fuze; a fuze bushing operatively connected to the fuze; a first plate snap fit to the fuze bushing; a delay column pressed into the first plate; a drag adapter partially surrounding the fuze bushing and contacting a top of the first plate; a burster tube operatively connected to the first plate; a second plate operatively connected to the burster tube; and a housing body screw fit to the first plate and the second plate and surrounding the burster tube, wherein the first plate and the second plate are epoxied to the housing body and the burster tube, wherein the fuze is configured to initiate causing gases and sparks to be released between the fuze bushing and the first plate, wherein the gases and sparks increases a pressure causing the fuze and the fuze bushing to be ejected from the housing body.

Redding, David R.
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Machines and Processing
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557 days
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