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Adaptable multi-element vibration isolator

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The present invention's vibration/shock amelioration device, as typically embodied, has a geometric device axis and includes two axial endplates, an intermediate support structure, and at least six truncated-conical resilient (e.g., elastomeric) elements. The intermediate support structure is equidistant between the endplates and lies in a geometric bisector plane that is perpendicular to the device axis. Each resilient element has a geometric conical axis, a larger-diameter axial end, and a smaller-diameter axial end. The resilient elements are fixed between the support structure and an endplate and are arranged symmetrically with respect to the device axis whereby the conical axes intersect the device axis at oblique angles and the smaller-diameter axial ends are closer to the bisector plane than are the larger-diameter axial ends. The intermediate support structure can include a single rigid piece, or a composite unit having a pair of rigid members and a resilient (e.g., elastomeric) member sandwiched therebetween.

Plangetis, Gus F.
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Mechanical and Fluid Systems
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1,460 days
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