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Remote sensing using coherent sonic wave photoacoustic detection and methods

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A method and system for detecting composition of a physical space comprising: a laser beam source; an acoustic sensor; a beam focusing mechanism for focusing the laser beam at predetermined points in the physical space to generate a thermal inhomogeneity which results in the propagation of a pressure wave that propagates outward from the predetermined excitation point at a propagation velocity approximating the speed of sound for the particular composition of the media; at least one processor for controlling the timing for the laser beam focusing to generate thermal inhomogeneities; whereby the laser focal point is moved sequentially along the light-of-sight at various excitation points by the beam focusing mechanism approximately at the phase front velocity to define a series of predetermined excitation points and pressure wave propagations such that the series of pressure wave propagations combine to produce a coherent pressure wave detectable by the acoustic sensor.

Gurton, Kristan Peter; Pan, Yongle
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Sensors and Measurement
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924 days
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