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Change detection method and system for use in detecting moving targets behind walls, barriers or otherwise visually obscured

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A system and method for locating a moving target behind a wall or barrier comprising: providing a plurality of images of the region of interest; selecting a reference image from the plurality of images; forming a predetermined number of difference images by subtracting the absolute value of the pixels of the reference image from the absolute values of pixels in a predetermined number of the plurality of images; eliminating negative pixel values in the predetermined number of difference images; minimizing the side lobes to form a combined difference image for each reference frame, selecting another reference image from the plurality of images and performing the steps of forming a plurality of difference images, eliminating negative pixel values, averaging the resulting predetermined number of difference images and minimizing the side lobes for each selected reference image to form a set of combined difference images which contain the moving target signature.

Martone, Anthony F.; Ranney, Kenneth I.; Le, Calvin Duc
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Sensors and Measurement
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1,370 days
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