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Method and system for forming images by comparing subsets of image data

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A system and method for generating enhanced images of a target area using projection data obtained using an electromagnetic radiation source, the method comprising forming an initial aperture of data points containing positional information of the transmitter and receiver of the electromagnetic radiation; and an associated data record; randomly removing data points from the initial aperture to form subapertures with randomly missing data points; creating a subset of data points from each of the plurality of subapertures; the subsets containing data points containing image data for portions of the target area which are the same or overlapping; comparing the subsets of data points to determine variations in the data points indicative of transient data; based upon the comparison between overlapping subsets of image data, determining whether the subsets of data points comprise image data relating to physical objects or noise.

Nguyen, Lam H.; Do, Thong T.
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Sensors and Measurement
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1,175 days
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