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Trolley-payload inter-ship transfer system

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The present invention is particularly efficacious when practiced as a system for transferring payloads between sideways-adjacent vessels at sea. As typically embodied, an inventive inter-locational transfer system includes: a trolley; a set of parallel cable-rails upon and along which the trolley is rollable; a pair of pulling cables, respectively connected to the two sideways-adjacent ships, for exerting pulling forces on the trolley in opposite directions along the cable-rails; at least four hoisting cables, separately and distantly attached at the bottom of the trolley and at peripheral points of the payload, for suspending a rectangular payload (e.g., ISO container with contents) from the trolley; a first computer control capability; for controlling the impelling and restraining of the trolley by the respective pulling cables; and, a second computer control capability, for controlling the lengthening and shortening of the respective hoisting cables in a coordinated manner to reduce or minimize payload pendulation.

Dong, Qing; Dalessandro, Donald D.; Ortiz, Albert; Biswas, Saroj K.
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Handling and Transportation
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1,506 days
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