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Electronic device structure and method of making electronic devices and integrated circuits using grayscale technology and multilayer thin-film composites

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A physical structure and a method for forming a electronic devices on a substrate comprising: providing a substrate; forming a plurality of layers on the substrate, the layers comprising at least two layers of conducting material and a layer of insulating material therebetween; depositing photoresist material onto predetermined regions of the plurality of layers, the photoresist material varying in thickness; utilizing gray scale illumination on the photoresist material; removing a portion of the layers using physical etching to expose predetermined portions of the conducting layers. Optionally, the photoresist may be utilized on a plurality of discrete electronic devices concurrently, such that the gray scale illumination is conducted on a plurality of discrete electronic devices concurrently. Similarly, the physical etching may be conducted on the discrete electronic devices concurrently; removing different thicknesses of material concurrently. Also claimed is a product made by the claimed method.

Smith, Gabriel I.; Hanrahan, Brendan; Waits, Christopher M.; Polcawich, Ronald G.; Sanchez, Luz; Bedair, Sarah Salah
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Materials and Coatings
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851 days
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