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Node excitation driving function measures for cerebral cortex network analysis of electroencephalograms

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Methods and apparatuses for estimating brain activity of a human subject from the measurement of electroencephalograms (EEG) are disclosed. In one method, cortical neural sources in the cerebral cortex of the brain of the subject are specified. Next, using a model of the human brain which treats the cortical neural sources as nodes in a cortical source network, cortical source activations are estimated from the measured electroencephalograms for each of the cortical neural sources in the network for the subject. Source network modulation control signals are then determined for the subject from the cortical source activations which are assumed to correspond to control modulators in the human brain. And a network activity classification is computed from determined modulation control signals for the subject. The innovative technology may be included in an automated aiding system in the electronic aiding of tasks performed by human operators.

Smyth, Christopher C.
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Biotechnology and Healthcare
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323 days
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