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Power-free apparatus for hydrogen generation from alcohol

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An apparatus and method for generating low pressure hydrogen gas from fuel solutions (i.e., alcohols) without the use of an external power source or external heat source. The apparatus comprises (a) a first chamber for fuel storage having an aperture, (b) a second chamber for the temporary storage of hydrogen gas generated having an aperture, (c) a first electrochemical cell (Cell-1) and (d) a second electrochemical cell (Cell-2). Cell-2 is disposed between the first chamber and the second chamber so that its anode is in fluid communication with the first chamber and its cathode is in fluid communication with the second chamber. Cell-1 is disposed on the opposite side of the first chamber from Cell-2 so that the anode therein is in fluid communication with the first chamber, and the cathode therein is in fluid communication with an oxidizing agent. The first chamber is sandwiched between Cell-1 and Cell-2. An air convection window or like device making ambient air available to the apparatus via Cell-1 is positioned on the side of Cell-1 opposite the fuel chamber. In operation, fuel is provided to the first chamber, the anode of Cell-1 is connected to the cathode of Cell-2, and the cathode of Cell-1 is connected to the anode of Cell-2, and hydrogen gas is continuously generated from the hydrogen chamber. The present invention may be used at room temperature.

Jiang, Rongzhong; Tran, Dat Tien; Chu, Deryn D.
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Materials and Coatings
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