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Modular linkers for conjugation of organic substances to substantially inorganic substances and methods of manufacture and use thereof

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A modular linker includes an inorganic binding entity having an affinity for a substantially inorganic substance, and an organic binding entity capable of binding with an organic substance covalently bonded thereto. The modular linker is capable of being stored in a stable condition for later use. The modular linker may be synthesized by modifying the inorganic binding entity to be covalently bonded to an organic binding entity and storing the modular linker in an inert environment from about a day up to at least 1 week. The modular linker may be conjugated to an organic substance and to a substantially inorganic substance in substantially a 1:1 ratio. The modular linker may have more than one organic binding entity covalently bonded to an inorganic binding entity or vice-versa. Also, a particular modular linker may have an organic binding entity capable of binding with a nucleic acid sequence.

Medintz, Igor L.; Berti, Lorenzo; Facci, Paolo; Mattoussi, Hedi M.
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Biotechnology and Healthcare
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3,072 days
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