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Method and apparatus for analyzing the spectrum of radio-frequency signals using unamplified fiber optic recirculation loops

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An apparatus for generating a frequency spectrum of an RF signal comprising a gate switch for generating a series of pulses from a laser of wavelength lambda modulated by an input RF signal, a first fiber optical loop for circulating a first percentage of a first pulse of the series of pulses from the gate switch, for a predetermined number of cycles n where each cycle takes time t1, a second fiber optical loop for conducting a second percentage of the first pulse for predetermined number of cycles “k”, where each cycle takes time t2, where t2*k=t1*n, a first switch with a first state for coupling the first pulse from the gate switch to a coupler, the coupler coupling the first pulse into the first fiber optical loop and tapping replicas of the pulse from the first fiber optical loop, and a second state for coupling the second percentage of the first pulse to the coupler to increase intensity of the tapped replica pulses, a processor for correlating the replicas of the pulse with each other to produce a set of data points comprising a plurality of multiplexed correlated pulses and transforming the data points into a channelized frequency spectrum of the input RF signal.

Zhou, Weimin
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