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Variable range photodetector and method thereof

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A method of making and a photodetector comprising a substrate; a p-type or n-type layer; first and second region each having polarizations, a first interface therebetween, the magnitudes and directions of the first and second polarizations being such that a scalar projection of second polarization on the growth direction relative to the scalar projection of the first polarization projected onto the growth direction is sufficient to create a first interface charge; and a third region suitable for forming one of an n-metal or p-metal contact thereon having a third polarization, a second interface between the second and third regions, the third polarization having a scalar projection on the growth direction that, relative to scalar projection of the second polarization onto the growth direction, is sufficient to create a second interface charge; the first and second interface charges creating an electrostatic potential barrier to carriers defining a predetermined wavelength range.

Shen, Paul; Rodak, Lee Ellen; Gallinat, Chad Stephen; Sampath, Anand Venktesh; Wraback, Michael
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Materials and Coatings
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767 days
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