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Multitone harmonic radar and method of use

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A multitone nonlinear radar system (and a method of operating such a system) comprising a transmitter that transmits a signal comprising at least two predetermined frequency components; a receiver operating to receive return signals comprising harmonics of at least two predetermined frequencies, combinations of the at least two predetermined frequency components, and combinations of the harmonics of the at least two predetermined frequency components that are within a predetermined selected frequency range that has been predetermined to enable detection and/or classification of an electronic device; at least one antenna operating to transmit and receive electromagnetic radiation operatively connected to the transmitter and receiver; the receiver comprising at least one high pass filter for attenuating linear reflections at the two predetermined frequencies, and an analyzer; whereby electronic devices may be detected and identified by analyzing return signals within a predetermined frequency range.

Mazzaro, Gregory James; Martone, Anthony F.
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Sensors and Measurement
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1,181 days
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