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Battery health monitoring system and method

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A method and system for monitoring the health of a battery is provided. A precision frequency can be determined for the battery by applying one of an AC current or voltage perturbation across a frequency sweep with impedance spectroscopy equipment to obtain an impedance response; collecting data related to the impedance response at a plurality of various states of charge within a recommended voltage window of the battery; plotting the collected data on one or more impedance curves; and analyzing the one or more impedance curves at the various states of charge to determine the precision frequency. Next, one of an AC current or voltage perturbation can be applied at the precision frequency resulting in an impedance response. The value of the impedance response can be recorded, and a determination can be made of a battery classification zone that the impedance value falls within.

Love, Corey T.; Swider-lyons, Karen
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Sensors and Measurement
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1,406 days
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