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Freeplay measurement device

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A freeplay measurement device for measuring freeplay in a ruddervator includes a forward horseshoe assembly, an aft horseshoe assembly, a L-shaped locator, a connecting assembly, a load applicator, and a measuring device. The forward horseshoe assembly forms a half of an ellipse that can slip on the forward half of the tail. The aft horseshoe assembly forms a half of an ellipse that can slip on the aft half of the tail and ruddervator. The L-shaped locator is for aligning the forward horseshoe assembly on the tail and perpendicularly extends from the forward horseshoe assembly. The connecting assembly connects the forward horseshoe assembly and the aft horseshoe assembly when each is placed over the tail and the ruddervator. The load applicator is for applying loads on the ruddervator. The measuring device is for measuring the deflections of the ruddervator being tested, and is attached to the forward horseshoe assembly.

Olszewski, Anthony
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Handling and Transportation
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526 days
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