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Integrated composite perovskite oxide heterostructure

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An integrated heterostructure material is achieved by combining the attributes of two perovskite oxide film growth methods, RF sputtering and the metallo-organic solution deposition (MOSD) technique, in combination with employing a novel integrated material design consisting of a SrTO3 thin film layer which serves as a template to achieve a property enhanced, BST-based thin film overgrowth. In specific the integrated materials design consists of a thin RF sputtered SrTiO3 film (lower layer) which underlies a substantially thicker MOSD over-growth Mg doped BST-based film (upper layer). The inventive material design and combinational film growth fabrication method thereof enables beneficial critical material/device characteristics which include enhanced dielectric permittivity in concert with low loss; low leakage current density; high voltage breakdown strength; high tunability; controlled and optimized film microstructure; and a smooth surface morphology with minimal surface defects. The invention enables miniature highly (voltage) tunable frequency agile devices and/or charge mediated voltage controlled magnetic devices for RF/microwave communications, RADAR, and electronic warfare applications.

Will-cole, Melanie
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Materials and Coatings
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804 days
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