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Modular model and simulation architecture

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A computer-implemented modeling-and-simulation coordination module is provided for coordinating components by exchanging and sequencing instructions. The module includes a scenario file generator, a plug-in loader, an interface loader, a module classifier, an event detector, a response initiator, a simulation processor, a model request processor, an instance receiver, and an output provider. The scenario file generator creates a blank scenario file. The plug-in loader loads plug-in modules. The interface loader loads GUIs into corresponding containers. The classifier sets a classification to a highest rank plug-in module. The event detector monitors updating events. The response initiator prompts the operator to select an experimental plug-in module. The simulation processor executes a simulation in response to the operator loading a scenario, setting experimental parameters, and selecting the simulator plug-in. The model request processor provides parameters from the experimental frame to the model plug-in module. The instance receiver receives model instances from the model plug-in module. The output provider displays information based on time controls. The simulation processor instructs the simulator plug-in to execute instructions until satisfaction of terminal conditions and in response to initiation by the experimental plug-in module.

Winfrey, Clinton M.; Baldwin, Benjamin A.; Cummings, Mary Ann
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IT and Software
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1,412 days
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